Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You never know who or what you will run into in front of the Bean (Cloud Gate) in millennium Park in Chicago's front yard! These very nice teenagers were from Virginia. (shot with a Canon s100)

The painted fire curtain of the Chicago Opera House. It depicts the parade scene from Aida. The interior decoration details were created by American artist Jules Guerin in a palette of salmon pinks, roses, olives, golds and bronzes. Come early to examine the interior decor and bring binoculars!

Here are a few photos of the interior of the Oriental Theater in downtown Chicago. Enjoy. Shot with a Canon s100. I shot some more a month or so later and will post them when I have time.

I happened to be over along the lakefront for a 5:56am sunrise in early September and thought you folks would enjoy seeing a photo. The gentleman who often sits on a bench facing this breakwater was there. We spoke a little bit. Don't know his story. Some day I will pause longer and learn.