Saturday, November 16, 2002

Paris: A glorious sunrise

I awoke to this glorious twilight mid-fall morning view from our Paris garrett. We climb 96 stairs up to what they call the 4th floor, but since they start with a "ground" floor, and don't start with numbers till our second floor, it actually is the 5th floor. Since these old medieval buildings have high ceilings, and, based on 13.6 stairs per floor of our 3rd foor walk up it back in Chi-town, it actually was 7 floors for us! Still we loved it. As I observed this light show I was making strong coffee, cutting bananna, orange and strawberry slices and artistcally arranging them on two yellow plates. I then ran down to the corner and purchased a few fresh crosaint to top off with fromage purchased yesterday from our local fromageri. Could it have gotten much more "romantic" than that?

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