Sunday, July 24, 2005

S. and I returned from the Sunday "French Market" at Nettlehorst elementary school on Broadway. We purchased an apple and lemon tartlets from the order of nuns from the bakery of the Fraternite NotreDame* and these fluers from another vendor.

When we returned home I put them in a very nice heavy glass vase and decided to photograph them in my primitive umbrella lighting setup against a black velvet background I had built in the living room I am using to photograph stuff I will be listing on ebay next month.

The star gazer lillies have a strong aroma.

* 773-261-0101 (they make madalines and will make them for you if you order them ahead of time)

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Anonymous said...

Corrections:This visit didn't happen on a Sunday, as this market is only held on Saturdays.

Spelling: "fluers" should be "fleurs" and "madalines" should be "madeleines"