Friday, December 09, 2005

Some random New Orleans memories

With recent events in New Orleans, a few short memories of my wife's and my experiences. (I should write in more detail, but perhaps that is for another post.)

We spent our 1968 honeymoon in New Orleans and returned many times. Lucky us. It has changed much over the years. Tthe last time we were there in 2001; we did not like what we were seeing it changing into: a convention and "tourist" destination. It was not the same and now certainly can not be what it was after the devastation of hurrican Katrina. I hope this does not hasten its Disneyizing, like many other tourist destinations think is a "solution." Enough of my "rant."

One time we rode down the Mississippi in a Pusher Boat of 20 barges. Now that was hearty grub! On that trip we had to tie off for 3 or 4 days because of hurricane. When we finally arrived in the Big Easy we were met by tug boats captained by Cajuns. And to get off the Pusher Boat and onto land we had to get onto one of these "working" tugs. Not too clean! And the sing song language, including cursing in Cajun. Wouldn't give up those memories for anything.

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