Saturday, January 14, 2006

Palazzo brides dress boutique, Chicago, IL

On my return from my usual Saturday morning walk through the zoo with D. we returned on Clark st and came upon this juxiposition and contrast of society. The remains of the person's meal is still there next to him, as though he fell asleep eating. French fries and a glass of some liquid.

Palazzo is a very chic custom brides gown boutique.* The work they do is usually very simple sophiticated and elegant, that is why the juxiposition is so striking. I also think the posture of the mannequin is appropriate. With her hand on her hips she seems to be about to utter, "Well!"

Can't wait for tomorrow. The Bears play their playoff game.

When we began our ramble the sky was very wintery with heavy grey overcast dark clouds with a chill in the air from the wind. I wondered why I had decided to take my camera since the light was so dreary.

* Personally, I would prefer to shop at one of the boutiques in the Marais in Pari!

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