Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brown Out

Around 9am today, a Sunday in February, the electric in our area has gone out and we seem to have a brown out. No real power, but the bulbs have an extremely low orange glow, like an one watt night light. It was this way for over two hours until I ran out to the power company truck in the alley when I heard its familiar motor. No real info, but I could see another truck over two blocks north. They theroize that a transformer blew when a squirrel shorted out the wires when he jumped from one wire to another and his tail clipped the wire he jumped from. This is a frequent problem. When it happens, and the transformer blows, there is a loud bang that joints me out of my seat!

Since we have no idea when, or even they will be able to fix the problem, we have decided to camp out at friend's and so have gone to their place. That is where I am posting this from.

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