Friday, May 25, 2007

Rookery building, Chicago, IL

Rookery building, Chicago, IL, originally uploaded by finefoto.

Although the Rookery building was designed by Root, it is the Frank Lloyd Wright remodeled large skylit lobby done in 1905, which features elements of his Prairie School designs that bring fans from all over the planet. It is located at 209 South La Salle St., a few blocks south of Helmut Jahn's State of Illinois building.

My French guest, who I was giving an architecture tour pointed out that all the delicate cut out work in the iron beams would be economically impossible today, even if you could locate crafts people capable of the work.

The lamps are a delight to study also.

Unfortunately guests are limited to the first floor and are unable to explore the spectacular spiral staircase. Lucky for me, I was able to get fabulous photos of it back in the late 1960's that have been reproduced in various publications.

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