Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bee in my eye!

During my morning bike ride along the lake, as I was going around the totem pole, I became aware of a flying black insect just to the left of my left eye. The next thing I knew was I had an excruciating pain just above my left eye. I turned to the right to get off the bike trail directly in front of the totem pole. I literally threw the bike down as I jumped off. I was cursing and at the same time feeling my eye lid in the left corner. I did not not locate a stinger, but was in great pain.  I sat down on a bench for a few minutes and then biked a short distance south to the drinking fountain and bathed my eye in the the cool water for about five minutes. When I got home I applied a cold compress of a small can of juice that proved to be quite helpful.

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