Thursday, January 13, 2005

Warm Winter Days and font & color test

Today is as dreary as a London day, gray, foggy and snowing a heavy wet snow on the verge of rain.

It has been extraordinarly warm the last two days with rain. The rain has washed away the 6 to 10 inch snow, but all that moisture has led to soil that cannot obsorb anymore and now heavy fog.

Today RCN was to arrive and plug me into the new wonders of digital cable. Of course "cable guy," who was to arrive between 2 and 5 pm never appeared. Called RCN that issued a investigation tag and was to call me. Never did. Maybe, just maybe it IS time to jump ship with the bankrumpt carrier.

Today Susan had her apointment with the pain clinic and we discussed the possibility of Cryroneo therapy to freeze her nerve endings to relieve her pain. I had done a lot web research and submitted copies of that as well as questions to the doc. He will peruse them and answer the questions and we will discuss it all next month and make a decision.

The following test of fonts and sizes: (the first name is "normal size")

Ariel larger
Courier larger
Georgia larger
Lucida Grande larger
Times larger
Trebuchet larger
Verdana larger

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