Saturday, February 05, 2005

joggers along LSD underpass

joggers along LSD underpass
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Although Don is visiting his son Matt and the new baby, John,
for Johnny’s
first birthday, I nevertheless decided to take a
walk along thepark.
 It had been warm the previous day and overnight the melted

snow that drained over the jogging paths and sidewalks and
rocks had become a very deceiving thin glaze. On top of the
glaze was a erratic thin drizzle of moisture from fog water
from the melting snow along the side of the path.
Unless the
light was in front of you and glaring off the ice or water, you
did not see it. If jogging, the forward movement would send you
off into space until you landed on your rear end and a sprained
wrist. Luckily I became aware of this and did not experience
this. I recall it happening to me over 15 years ago around this
time during one of our walks just south of Diversey along the
rocks. I landed on my back. It knocked the air out of me and I
couldn’t utter a sound for at least a minute, or longer.
I had thought of bicycling, but for some reason thought better

of it. I was quite releaved that I did, because of the ice.
It was like bicycling on oil. Some intrepid folks were all
dressed in their colorful spanex and bicycling, but at only

5 to 10
miles an hour! Not one was speeding like usual.
I discovered a jogging path now is along the Diversey “rocks”

that now is a rock wall from the south entrance of
to Diversey Harbor entrance.

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