Friday, February 04, 2005

Sceary "just do it" stencil graffiti from Portugal

Originally uploaded by cudmore.
I've been flaneuring graffiti and documenting it for over 40 years. A long time in the past I had the cover and 3 pages in the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine about the paintings on the northside lakefront rocks.

So I was delighted to discover the site and do a search for graffiti. There are over a thousand photos there of graffite. I have only probably looked at 50 to 70 images yet.

I opened an account there but have only posted a few images. I want to only post low res images so no one can really use them for anything but display on their computer screen.

I found this searching for graffiti again on Photographer: "Graffitti is way cool. This is from Lisboa Portugal, somewhere near the hill leading to the castle. This one is pretty balzy and comes at you from different levels."

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