Monday, January 18, 2010

New York City - Day 7 - Ribbons

Monday, December 7, 2009

I had breakfast with another Travelziner who ironically is visiting NYC from Rockford, IL. We had a good time.

We were going to go up in the Empire State bldg 2da, but if clouded up.

We went to the Hyman Hendler ribbon shop at 21 W. 38th street that featured high end ribbons, many imported years ago from France. It was established in 1900. Susan was in heaven. I talked to the owner about the beginnings of the company from a push cart on the LES. Talked about where our grand parents coming from Russia, etc. Talked about Maxwell Street and how it and the LES have become gentrified with coffee shops, theatres, gelato joints, etc. Also that the Chinese are the principle group running sweat shops in NYC and that they not only make clothing but findings as well. He mentioned he sold to Fishman’s on Roosevelt road just north of Maxwell Street in Chicago as well as Vogue Fabrics in Evanston who were cheap. He was a great guy. He is married to the daughter of the original owner.

We ate across the street in a coffee shop that all the fabric and findings merchants socialize and eat. They all knew the owner, who we discovered him as he was just leaving.

Went to Macy's which was an absolute total zoo. We had difficulty navigating the aisles and people constantly were knocking over displays. Lots of stuff 50% off today. I personally thought their Christmas windows were losers. They did have some normal window displays featuring perfume bottles and silver disks all hanging on fishing line which were beautiful and quite creative.

Went to B&H photo which also was a zoo. It was much further than I thought, all the way to 9th Avenue. I couldn't stand it and longed for Helix or Calumet.

Gave up and returned to the Leo house and ran two loads of wash! Yuk!

We had dinner at a French restaurant at 25th and 9th Avenue. I had Escargot which was excellent. That was followed by smoked salmon and ratatue crepes. Susan started with incredible rich and a bit sweet French onion soup followed by a chicken and ratitoui crepe. For dessert we split a chocolat bannana crepe.

The bread was great accompanied by Irish butter. The service quit good. The ambiance was good as well.

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