Monday, January 18, 2010

Our 2 week visit to NYC 2C the Bauhaus show and more

I kept a journal during our trip to New York City to see the Bauhaus show at MoMA, Robert Frank’s "The Americans" show at the Met, the Man Ray show at the Jewish Museum and the recently opened Neue Galerie dedicated to artwork and some furniture created in Austria and Germany from the turn of century, just after WWI, and before WWII. I have been editing it and am close to being done, so thought I would post it day by day in separate entries into my blog. I will keep the actual dates of each day's activity, as indicated below.

Ready? Here we go!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The plane was packed to the gills! They had difficulty getting all the carry on luggage and coats in the overhead bins!

We walked all the way down 8th Avenue to have dinner at Tea and Sympathy in the Village. We split a salad of field greens with vingerette. I had Banger (sausage) and Mash. Susan had pork loin with sage dressing mashed potatoes with baby peas and carrots. Finished the meal with excellent sticky toffee pudding. Then went next door to their shop offering many British food items as well as Christmas “crackers.” We noticed a large grocery bag near the cash register with the name Tina Brown on it in large marker pen.

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